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It started with an opossum…

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10 PM. Turned off the TV, let the dog outside for her last chance before going to bed. Checked the cats food and water bowls, they all needed refills.
Noticed that some of the cats were acting a little different for that time of night. They were at the door of the catio that leads to the backyard, some were looking out, some were looking up.
Of course I looked, didn’t see anything on the ground, then I looked upwards and saw something whitish and small and kinda roundish.
Wait. What?
Then I saw a hairless tail about a foot away from the white dot.
Looked closer.
Yep, it’s a possum.
That white dot was it’s itty-bitty nose.
So now I know one of the things I’ll be doing tomorrow.
I will dig out one of the traps and set it out for the little critter.
Now, where-oh-where will I take it to set it free???

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