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Singing to my cats

(Why it’s a good thing)

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About 40 years ago I started singing totally nonsense songs to my cats at breakfast time. And whenever I decided to give the pride some treats.

“ohhh, momma loves her kitty-bumps,

doo-dah, doo-dah,

yes momma loves her kitty-bumps,

all the live-long day.”

Like I said, nonsense. It didn’t take very long for them to associate my sing-song to food. So, when they heard it, they would come to me for food or the rare treat. And this way I knew they would all be near so I could count noses in the morning. When you have so many more cats than just 2 or 3, you tend to worry about them. Especially if some of them are outside kitties.

Well, one day an inside kitty got outside. Fortunately out the back door, as the house was on a very busy street. But, there was an alley back behind the garage that far too many people thought it was their own personal speedway.

So, when she scooted outside I was really worried. Anyone would be with good cause. I quickly got something on my feet and went outback. Did not see her. Crud. Stronger words than that, but you get my drift.

I started walking and singing one of the silly songs. My thinking was that if she heard my nonsensical sounds she would come to me, or maybe to the house. She had never been outside before so she would absolutely be lost very quickly.

Two houses down the alley, she heard me, and came to me demanding to be saved. She found out that being outside was more of an adventure than she wanted. Yep, she never tried that again. Although over the years other cats have gotten out and come back when they heard my silly songs.

So that is why it’s a good, although strange thing, to sing to your cats. Believe me, people have looked at me like I was an idiot. I can live with that when the cat comes back home with me.


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