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When I woke up this Sunday morning I decided (finally) that I wanted pancakes made from scratch. My version of scratch.

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So after I washed last nights’ dirty dishes I reached for the unopened box that contained a small electric griddle. I had bought it on Amazon probably two years ago, but I’m slow that way about using new “power tools.” I read the little manual, washed it to remove whatever manufacturing dust might be on it. Attached the handles.

And then the poop hit the fan so to speak. I went to the pantry to retrieve the box of pancake mix and read through the directions. Milk, it said milk. or water. and one egg.

Water? For pancakes? I don’t think so. But I have no milk. Double Gosh-Darn it ALL.

The one staple I haven’t bought in a while because I sooo rarely use it. And I just got so darn tired of pouring it down the drain every few weeks: Money wasted again!

So no pancakes from scratch again. But at least the griddle is ready to go.

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