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Is your cat afraid of the vacuum cleaner?

That big growly thing that comes out of hiding? Many cats are sincerely terrified of it. All that noise, and it moves! Suddenly their loving parent has this thing that seems to be alive and it scares them so bad that they run and hide. Even when you’re done with it, some cats will stay in hiding, not sure if or when it will come out again.

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Read on and I will tell you how I got my cats to not be afraid.

We all have little chores of picking things up and putting them where they really belong. Choose to do this, for at least one week, and do not use the vacuum cleaner. While you’re walking around the house daily there is a way to play with your cats. I bought this:

Remember what I wrote about strings and feather wands? I chose cotton cording because it is wound so tight that a cat’s claws will rarely get caught in it. Now, cut off about a 9 foot length of it. Wrap one end loosely around your waist, tie it in place with a simple square knot, which is the easiest knot to undo. Move the long trailing end of the rope so that it hangs down behind you. Voila! You now have a tail! This tail will follow you everywhere you walk, enticing your cats by it’s movements to pounce on it. You will now be able to play with your cats while doing regular house chores. Your cats will play with the rope, try to catch it, and you can get things done. Win-win. The only downside is that you have to be aware when the cat pounces on the rope to stop to make sure that a claw or tooth is not snagged. Do this everyday, even more than once a day is better. This will be a new game for them and they will love chasing behind you to catch it.

After a week or so, or however long you can avoid vacuuming, this will help because it’s fun for them. While wearing your rope-tail, bring out the vacuum cleaner, but don’t turn it on! Move the cleaner around the house as if you really are using it. The cats will naturally see the monster, but will play with the rope instead of being afraid and running away. After a few sessions doing that, then turn it on and actually use it.

You will most likely not have cats scrambling to race away from this most terrible of beasts. Instead, they will play with the rope that is wrapped around your waist and trailing down behind you. Again, a win-win. You are doing chores and playing with your cat at the same time!

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