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Kids, and adults, the world over, are thinking about Halloween. Kids are thinking about Trick-or-Treating and all the candy they might get. Kids are also thinking about costumes and who/what they want to be on this special night. Anything and Everything is possible. 

This mask is perfect for trick-or-treaters who will be outside in the dark-time.

But don’t forget the AA batteries!

OR for the younger set, these simple face masks for crowded spaces. From the trusted Crayola brand.

Another juicy choice that lights up big-time!

Show me the kid who wouldn’t like to wear this!

OH to be a kid again!

My brother and I would have loved to wear these on Halloween Night!

Got a kid who dreams of being an astronaut? Here’s the perfect costume to get ready for the real thing!

And here’s another mask that really lights up in lots of different colors.

Or let the kid really go nuts pretending to be a T-Rex. Imagine him (or her) stomping around and roaring with glee trying to be terrifying.

Is there a Star Wars fan in your house?

Of course, you’ll still need a light saber to help finish this look, but what are the chances there’s already one in the house somewhere?

Iron Man.

A personal favorite of mine, and this mask is quite unique. Go check it out!

Scary Skeleton Stuff for the really young ones.

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