kittens ready to play
kittens paying attention

Repeat after me:

Cats enhance and enchant my life.

Who in their right minds can ignore so much cuteness? Those big curious eyes, those perky ears, cold wet little noses, rough tongues, furry little bodies, and all those sharp pointy-ends?

Start them out young enough and they will love and trust you for all they are worth for all their lives. Mistreat them and they will also remember that for all time. 

Cats are strange beings with their own quirks and personalities. Some just want a lap all the time. Some won’t want to be too close, but just near enough that you have to reach to pet them. Just like humans, they need to have their “comfort zones” respected. A cats’ body language will tell you IF you learn what they are trying to teach you. Yes, cats can teach a person. But, it starts with your willingness to pay attention and remember what your cat is “saying” to you.

Cats have the same basic needs as people: Food, shelter, independence, and love.

They also love to sleep. And play. Cats are creatively intelligent and are quite capable of entertaining themselves. By introducing small toys to them while young will increase their curiosity and problem solving skills. Don’t believe me? You’ll find out for yourself as time goes by.

Newtons' Law of Motion and kittens
Kittens learning about Newtons’ Law of Motion


Never forget that the very best play-time for your cat is when you play with him. 

person playing with a cat
The best of play-time