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dragon style gargoyles


Gargoyles were originally designed as a means to direct rain water off of the buildings. Some one in our very distant past who was amazingly creative decided to carve out of stone these fantastical creatures. These beings of myth, legends, and fantasy. I think that the word “gargoyle” came from the gurgling water noises when rainwater rushed through them and away from the building. The French word for “throat” is “gargouille”, which sounds itself like water rushing through, aka: gurgling and gargling. And the reason why these additions were needed was because the mortar used at that time was not very water-resistant. In other words, too much water sliding down the sides of the brick or stone buildings would simply wash away, literally, the mortar holding everything together. Therefor, gargoyles were constructed to direct the water as far away as possible.


oh, I don't know, what do you want for dinner? or who?
oh, I don’t know, what do you want for dinner? or who?

Now, Grotesques are another matter entirely. Grotesques were created for as many different reasons as there were creators. Some are truly monstrous in design. Are they to scare away demons? Some are actually humorous, and there are a few that actually are mini-statues of the men who designed the buildings. Are they there to keep an eye on their creation? There are even some carvings that harken back to our cave-dwelling earliest beginnings that remind some people of the “Venus” stone carving of our prehistoric ancestors. These are found generally on the oldest of the old stone buildings that are still standing in the European countries. Their age has caused the carved stone to weather almost beyond recognition, allowing for these theories.

Years before I had my catio built, I bought a gargoyle to oversee and protect my precious ones.

If you’re interested, here’s the Wikipedia link to start your own research into these fascinating creations:

Cat gargoyles are just a tad uncommon. But not impossible to find. And exceedingly usefull…I mean, wouldn’t YOU want something like this protecting you day and night? 

I feel safer already with this nearby.
I feel safer already with this nearby.