Ageless Loving



Plainly, affection is an emotion, but it’s likewise much more than that. Among the key choices you face in each encounter is the choice to draw close or avoid. You are able to attempt to connect with individuals, or you are able to retreat from them. You are able to absorb yourself in your day’s work, or you are able to dillydally. You may approach any individual, place, or thing with the aim to connect, or you may stay distant.

The decision to connect is the core of affection. Daily you’re compelled to make connection choices. By your actions you choose what to associate with and what to avoid. If you wish to grow consciously, you must intentionally choose which connections you’ll fortify and which you’ll let soften.

Such selections ultimately decide the shape of your life. In the long term, your life becomes an expression of what you decide to connect with most often.

To begin this journey, you must decide to empower yourself…to believe in yourself. The following links and articles are designed to help you do that. To Empower Yourself.

 I don’t want to scare you, but I thought that starting with a checklist might give you an overview of your journey of self empowerment.

Leading an empowered life is something that requires a complete mind and body transformation. In the next pages we will lay out exactly how to accomplish that and make it happen. Now it’s time to put that into action, using the convenient mind map provided here.

Step 1: Easy Wins Start by making some easy choices that will get you off to a good beginning.

! Clean your home ! Throw out things you don’t need ! Make your space calming and organized ! Introduce ‘systems’ that will help you to keep things cleaner and tidier in future • Automation is powerful here: things like dishwashers, waste disposal, steamers etc. all save you countless hours of work. That is more time to spend on your goals and ambitions!

! Groom yourself and upgrade your style ! Throw out clothes you don’t need ! Invest in high quality items ! Shop in the sales ! Look for important ‘staples’ that will serve as the basis for many outfits ! Invest in good quality fabrics in particular ! Wear clothes that are fitted. You may want the size down from the one you normally wear. ! Groom ! Shave, cut your hair, trim your nails ! Dare to move away from your usual style – don’t be a style wuss! ! Your appearance will change the way you feel and what you can accomplish.

Step 2: Daily Habits Here are some great daily habits that will help you to improve your energy, your productivity and more.

! Meditate – There are few better ways to start your day, this will help you to reduce stress, increase grey matter and boost your mood and IQ

! Write down things you are grateful for – This is another powerful change that will help you to feel happier and to actually enjoy the things you’ve already accomplished

! Write a to-do list – Writing a to-do list at the start of the day including the things you need to accomplish and the things on the back burner is great for doing more

! Exercise – Exercising in the morning will get you set up for the day and help you to start off well. ! The best exercise is HIIT to increase energy levels and burn fat ! You should also lift weights – especially if you are a woman • The PPL routine is perfect for getting into shape in minimal time: Push, Pull, Legs ! Walking often will help you burn calories without tiring yourself out too severely

! Dual N-Back – This is a powerful exercise for boosting your working memory!

! Journaling – Write about the day and this will help you create an accurate record to reflect on.

! Get the right diet – We recommend eating strict in the morning and afternoon, in order to give yourself free reign come the evening

! Add vitamins and minerals to your diet – This is a great way to instantly boost your energy levels and your health

Step 3: Find Your Life Goal Your life goal is something that you will force you to leap out of bed in the mornings. This is your passion and your purpose. It can be elusive though!

There is a lot of evidence to show the importance of a purpose. This is what the monomyth is all about. This is what is at the top of psychology’s ‘hierarchy of needs’.

! Reflect on the things you enjoy doing most ! What do these things have in common? ! What do your role models have in common? ! When was the last time you felt truly happy?

! Remember: ! A life purpose doesn’t have to be ‘one’ thing ! You MUST be honest with yourself and choose something you are really passionate about ! It is fine if this evolves and adapts over time

! Write yourself a ‘Mission Statement’ to follow and live by.

Step 4: The New You Introducing the new you: driven, focused and confident: ! You should be confident in yourself and look and feel the part

! Your new sense of purpose and passion will make you magnetic and engaging

! If it doesn’t help you live your purpose, question if you need it

! Don’t try to please everyone all the time: focus on your mission

! There is no need to put others down, no need to posture – your confidence comes from your purpose and your skill

! Your confidence should help you to be more attractive and to give off the image of someone who is content in themselves

What do YOU think?