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Halloween is Just Around the Corner

small flames to light your way
candelabra with lit candles

Cats and candles do NOT go together!  A live flame and a cats’ tail are a recipe for total disaster. If you must have a flickering candle decoration, either make sure that your cat(s) are secured in another room, or invest in fake candles. The kind that uses batteries. It’s a cheap price for your peace of mind, and the safety of everyone you love.

A word about electric cords…Plenty of Halloween decorations have them. Young kitties will investigate everything new, even some older cats. I have had many a cat start to chew on an electric cord, just to test it, taste it, find out what it is. It’s what cats and dogs do. Same as young human children. They use their mouths like hands to learn and investigate their ever-changing world. Keep an eye on your critter-friend, if needed spray the cord with Bitter Apple, and try to put the cord up and out of reach.

Dressing up Kitty? Most cats won’t sit still for it. So unless you really know your cat, don’t try it. Not unless you either 1) own a suit of armor, or 2) want to show off all those fresh bleeding scratches.

All that wonderful candy comes with another problem–-the wrappers. Cats and dogs will play with them. And try to chew on them. Even swallow them. This could result in a huge vet bill, and/or death. So be extra aware of the possibilities and make sure that all those wrappers are safely disposed of away from your curious little furry friends.