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A Few Halloween Pet Trick-or-Treat Tips

You know how to keep your pet safe for Halloween, from ghostly ghouls and things that go bump in the night. Now you just need to know how to safely dress your pet for Halloween. Here are some tips that will keep your pets safe in their costumes.

  1. Know Your Pet

Before you get on Pinterest and fall in love with a pet outfit, know your pet. If he or she is easily excitable and gets anxious, choose your pet’s Halloween costume accordingly. Everyone deserves to be comfy and happy for Halloween, even our pets.

  1. Comfort is Key

To avoid possible strangulation or serious injury, it is best to keep costumes loose and simple. Don’t outfit your pet in something crazy complicated, even if it is super cute.

  1. No Stress, No Mess

Be aware of your pet’s stress level when dressing for Halloween. If he or she seems unhappy or restless, ditch the costume. And following the tip above, go with something simple. It shouldn’t bother your pet and it can still be cute without stressing out Fur Ball or Scruffy.

  1. Choking Hazard

If there are any parts hanging or dangling from your pet’s costume, or if it is confining, he or she might try to chew it off. That, of course, could lead to choking. Leave off the bells and whistles, literally, to keep your pet happy and safe.

  1. Head above Water

Don’t put anything on your pet’s head that will make it hard for him or her to see. It’s no fun having something constantly falling in your eyes. Make sure your pets can see, so they don’t hurt themselves.

  1. The Flashier, the Better

Be sure to put your pet in reflective gear so cars and other people can easily see them. That lessens the possibility of your pet getting hit by a car. Also, you should definitely leash them as well.

  1. Less is More

Too many things on your pet’s costume can overwhelm your pet. As previously mentioned, keep the costumes simple and light. Even if it is cold outside, keep the clothing and whatnot to a minimum. You don’t want your pet’s costume to be uncomfortable and restrictive. Because if your pet could talk, he would thank you.

  1. Keep them Close to Home

Remember that leash idea? Keep your pet close and on a leash, especially in large crowds and large open areas. Make it a two-in-one fix by using a reflective pet leash.

  1. I.D. Time

Lost pets are much more likely to be returned if they have some form of identification. Always make sure your cats and dogs are wearing tags, especially during Halloween. If you want to take your pet with you for trick-or-treat, or on a Halloween nightly stroll, be sure your pet is wearing an I.D. tag and a collar. Just in case you do lose your pet during Halloween, he can be safely returned.