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Tidbit on my shoulders...her favorite resting place.
Tidbit on my shoulders…her favorite resting place.




Seriously, owning a cat, or being owned by a cat, is a lifetime commitment. Their lifetime, not yours. Get real. That kitten, that ever-so-cute little ball of fluffy fur could live for 20 plus years.

And, that little darling will need things. Just like YOU need things.

Food. Litter box. Scratching post. Water. Bed. Toys. and please do not forget visits to the vet for shots and etc. The etc is to get him/her neutered and/or spayed to prevent future litters of those little wonderful critters.

I have had cats in my life now for about 60 years. I don’t know everything about them. Each cat is different, just like each person is different. But there are enough similarities within the cat kingdom to write about.


And I do have some stories of my own to tell.animated


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