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Escape Artists, Part 2

Darn furry little darlings did it again!

I went outside to the catio for “poop patrol” and saw two kittens on the outside!

Don’t let anyone tell you that cats are not smart. They are darn smart, and creative, too.

All that work I did on a quiet Sunday, cutting down that tree, and they were just laughing at me the whole time. Obviously they had a second escape route. And maybe even a third. I have to work for a paycheck, so I can’t spend much time trying to fix this during the week.

And, to top it all off, there was another notice from Animal Control on my front door! Demanding that I pay for a Cattery License because there are too many cats at my house! I didn’t have the $300 for a tree trimmer, and I am not sure where I’ll find the money for that damn license. Credit card I guess. Feeling sad, lonely, abused, depressed, and just plain tired of all of this. All because a neighbor doesn’t like cats!

Only one good thing is that after reading the citation a little more closely is that I have 30 days to come up with the money.